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Web Site Design and Web Hosting.

Web hosting: $5 per month  -  this includes keeping the web site online and making basic updates and performing maintenance such as uploading journal entries, keeping dates current, loading new pages, fixing broken links, etc. - 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Basic Web Site Design: $100 - This means I make the web site for you and do all or most of the work in putting it together.  After it is finished you can either have me host it for the price listed above, or find someone else to host it for you.  No payment is required until after the web site is done and you like it!

A few examples of web sites I have built:
The Wasteland
(web site content property of respective owners)

E-mail at yourstruly@NathanBenner.com if you are interested or have any questions.

Computer Repair and Services.

I also service and repair personal computers in the Orange County, California area.  My rates are $20 per hour for in home or at business calls.  Or you can contact me for other services.  I can also build custom configured PCs, price on request.

An example of a computer I have built

Contact me at yourstruly@NathanBenner.com for prices or questions.